Jaime Weise's Cover Letter

I have been writing software for 10 years mostly with Microsoft .NET and related technologies, though I am comfortable in many other areas. Using tools and frameworks, I have been successful in delivering real world solutions for businesses in competitive markets. After having become a Microsoft Certified Professional, I am now specialized in writing custom software, written in the form of data-driven web applications, modules, widgets, and websites, for the internet. There are many important tools and strategies that I have picked up, whilst developing software, that are necessary to do a great job. I will bring any of these skills to the table when necessary.

I started writing software in Japan while I was teaching English at the local junior high schools. During that time, I used my windows application knowledge to produce printable work material which the teachers used in the classroom as teaching aids. After that, I built a website for the English teachers in the city of Sagamihara, near Tokyo. Since returning to Vancouver I have been involved mainly with web development at various companies.

During my time as a software engineer I have built many applications including: an event management system for wedding and event planners; a lead management system for tracking lead campaigns and lead sales, in realtime; some custom content management systems written from scratch or by using availble frameworks and softwares; an ecommerce portal for a wholesaler of dog supplements, with a fully functional payment gateway; as well as others. Some projects that I have taken on were business websites built upon proprietary content management systems such as DotNetNuke, Wordpress, and Sitefinity. I have worked with many CMSs inlcluding Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, DotNetNuke, BlogEngine, and Sitefinity to name a few. There are no silver bullets unfortunately, but I really prefer Sitefinity for its great client- and developer-experience.

I value writing software with the highest standards of quality and code sanctity. This has lead me to learn design patterns, best practices, and development principles in great depth. I am comfortable building multi-tiered data applications using C#.NET, Microsoft SQL and related technologies. I am an expert at using Visual Studio .NET(9 years’ experience), Reflector, Resharper, IIS, and SQL Server. I also have working experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Expression Web, Expression Design, Expression Blend, and of course Microsoft Office. There are many really great tools(too many to name) that I have adopted that help me in my software development, some are programs, some technologies, and some strategies but all together they prevent mistakes and improve the development speed and application robustness.

Please consider what I bring to the table as a software engineer and arrange for an interview at your earliest convenience.