Software and Technologies

Visual Studio .NET - The best software development tool on earth, period. I have heard that some people praise notepad as a better alternative but I beg to differ. Visual Studio has been a really awesome tool since I started developing, until recently when the extension manager and Nuget were introduced. Now it just rocks!

Sql Server Management Studio - I have worked with this tool to author just about all my databases. It does most of what I need when it comes to managing databases.

Internet Information Services - I guess you can't write any web applications for windows without IIS. What used to be a difficult process has now become pretty straight-forward since IIS7 was released. I think Microsoft heard me when I yelled, "make the pain stop!" All of a sudden the headaches went away and web application configuration has become a pleasure.

Reflector - Jefferey Richter once said, "Nobody would be able to write managed code without this tool." That was before .NET framework debug symbols were available to the general public. This tool has saved me hundreds of hours in times when I was stuck on complicated tasks, especially while using poorly documented libraries. Thank you, Lutz Roeder and Redgate.

Resharper - could well be one of the best extensions for visual studio. Whenever, I used to do major refactoring I was a little bit worried that things wouldn't work as they used to. This tool has provided an almost seemless process for me to keep code tidy on the fly or during a complete refactoring.

Expression Web - has been great for modifying asp.net website content and is an excellent tool for creating and editing html. I would recommend this program to do all of your html editing if you are working with Microsoft technologies.

Expression Blend - is one of the best user-interface design tools I have seen ever. I wish I had more time to do work with Silverlight, and Windows Presentation Foundation. If flash was anywhere close to the tool I would have fully adopted it early in my career.

Expression Design - has been my editor of choice these days when it comes to creating custom text graphics for websites. It also has a vector editor that is even better than the vector editor for Adobe Illustrator. If it had the rest of the features that Illustrator has, I would call it the best vector editing software on the market. I wouldn't be surprised if Expression Design surpassed Adobe Illustrator one day.

LINQ to Objects/Sql/Xml - is an amazing extension to an already massively powerful and expressive language in CSharp. To me, LINQ is to querying data in a database as Jquery is to querying elements in a webpages. Both make the user experience concise and expressive.

Jquery - has been a pleasure to use. What a great tool for accessing all the elements of a document and being able to animate and change elements with ease, not to mention being able to handle events gracefully. Jquery has enabled endless possibilities to encapsulate code and simplify behaviors that in previous years required great precision and dedication and knowledge to pure Javascript.

RazorEngine - is an excellent language. Having examined the code in razor engine (the engine that drives the Razor language), I have found this platform to be excellent in providing solutions that help automate code or text documents. This is a must for anyone who really neds simplify repetitive tasks and generate text or code.

EntityFramework - is a fast way to get data flowing. I have tried a lot of ORM frameworks and can confirm that the EntityFramework is very powerful and helps accomplish your most common needs with minimal efforts. I have used this framework to build a number of projects. It integrates seemlessly with most .NET technologies.

Telerik Collection - is an excellent set of tools that act as an aid to windows and web developers to rapidly develop software. I have found Telerik to have done an excellent job at building on top of what Microsoft has given us as a default set of components and tools for develoment. They have proved that code reuse is really possible and they seem to be always on the cutting edge of all things .NET.

Adobe Illustrator - This is my favorite adobe product. I have had to work with vectors. Adobe Illustrator stands next to none when it comes to complete vector and layout design tools. It does an excellent job at making most design processes possible. I also love the automation model it allows for a developer to generate graphics based on a datasource.

Adobe Photoshop - All good products that become verbs are usually great products. The last time I needed to "photoshop" something I didn't "mspaint it, rather I opened up Photoshop and "photoshopped" it. I have used PS for the last 10 years for various tasks such as touching up images and creating rollover buttons, and more...

Dreamweaver - is the industry standard for html authoring. I have used it quite extensively for development in the past but I am leaning more towards Microsoft Expression these days. Most of my html is done right within visual studio so Dreamweaver or Expression Web aren't necessary on most days.

Araxis Merge - is a great tool for comparing folders and files. It has been great when I have needed to look at files side by side, to see where I might have be missing something, or have had left a typo in a different verion of a code file. Together with Subversion it is an excellent tool that has saved me many hours of work.

Subversion - has been my source control of choice for many years since I gave up on Visual Source Safe. The first few years of use were a little more prone to difficulties with this software. These days they have seem to iron out most of the problems that made a few types of actions difficult.

GitHub - is a tool that I haven't used a lot of but have been using more these days. I have much to learn but haven't had much trouble using it so far.

Time Snapper - provides a great way for me to track the amount of time I have been doing tasks when it comes to contract work. A great way to show people in a visual way what process you go through in your daily work.