Jaime Weise's Core Proficiencies

C#.NET - Microsoft C#.NET is my language of choice for writing windows and server-side applications. It provides a very intuitive framework library with the .NET Framework and many excellent features for writing highly expressive code. Working with C# over the years has been a pleasure and it should be in every software engineer's toolbox.

10 years

Visual Basic .NET - Visual Basic .NET was the first language that I picked up. I am quite comfortable using it since it uses the .NET framework. I use it sometimes when the features are more suited for the task at hand.

4 years
Microsoft Sql Server - Since I have worked with C#.NET it is natural that I have been using MsSql for almost as long. The evolution of MsSql has been interesting from Ado.NET to table adapters, and finally recently to the EntityFramework. It is very easy to author new database schemas with the free and proprietary tools that Microsoft provides. 8 years
Asp.NET - This is the first server-side web programming language that I used. It provided and excellent design-time user experience but sometimes suffered in the area of performance. Code separation and modularity is much better with Asp.NET than with Php. Because of those advantages coupled together with the amazingly large and easy to use .NET framework made it my preference when it came to building web applications. 8 years
Javascript - The worlds most popular programming language by the simple fact that it got the most traction at the right time. I have been working with javascript for almost as many years as I have been programming computers. 9 years
Php - Php because of its open source nature has been adopted by the masses. While there are many positives with this technology I find the code/design separation leavin a whole lot to be desired. I have completed several projects using Php but it is not my language of choice. 3 years
Html - There is not much I can think of being able to do on the web without the extensive use of Html. I have been using html just about as long as I have surfing the web. It was always interesting for me to see what was going on behind the scenes on a web page. 10+ years
Razor - What a fabulous language! The most straightforward and usable language that I have ever come across. There is a referene for it which is literally have a page long and allows you to massive milage from reading within a few minutes. I have also authored an application that makes full use of the RazorEngine Core to generate code in templates. This site was authored using cshtml(Razor) files. 1+ years
Css - One of the most powerful and under-respected languages. Since, it is so easy to start using it was hard to realize that when you don't use it properly you can create a large mess with browser compatibility(sometimes this was unavoidable anyways) and formatting. After years of practice and the introduction to some invaluable frameworks I have much confidence in doing a great job. 10 years
Others - Some for of the technologies that I have covered during my time as a software engineer are as follows: Xml, XPath, Xlst, Regular Expressions, C++, Powershell, Assembly, MSIL, and Actionscript, and Java. Some of these I use regularly but others I haven't really bought into completely and avoid them for the most part. 1 - 10 years